Pacific Coast Coffee  

Featuring Organic, Shade Grown, Altura Coffee

We specialize in organic, shade grown, Altura coffee from Pacific coastal mountains around the world.

Organic coffee beans are grown and produced without the use of pesticides or herbicides while encouraging sustainable growing practices - benefiting both the environment and the consumer.

Bird Friendly coffee generally refers to coffee beans which are grown under a natural forest canopy with little alteration of the environment. Shade grown coffee benefits migratory birds who use the coffee plant as a natural habitat, reduces the need for fertilizers and herbicides and promotes biodiversification - benefiting both the environment and the consumer.

Altura (mountain grown) coffee generally refers to coffee beans which are grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters (3,397 feet) or more. Many gourmet coffee enthusiasts claim that Altura coffee is the best of the best.

Oaxaca Coffee

Our Formula for an Ultra Premium Cup of Coffee

1. Start with organic, shade grown coffee beans that are grown at an altitude of at least 1200 meters (3,397 feet).

2. Use only the ripest, hand picked beans which have been sun dried and properly stored with an 11 or 12% moisture content.

3. Beens must be carefully roasted at temperatures high enough to carmelize the sugar within the bean.

4. Roasted beans must be hermetically sealed and properly stored to insure freshness.

5. The very best flavors from a coffee bean are available within 7 days of roasting if properly sealed and stored.

6. The fresh roasted coffee beans should be ground at the time of consumption as ground coffee will lose it's freshness within four hours.

***Roasted beans are best stored in a glass jar with a screw cap or a ziplock bag and kept in the freezer. Keep ground coffee in the fridge if you grind for more than one day. Heat (even room temperature), humidity and oxygen are the enemies of freshness.



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